Fitness Training

Fitness Training

I decided to pursue a certification and become a personal trainer, because I believe the body is just as important as the mind and that a healthy mind-body connection is vital to wellness. In my life, exercise has always been a way for me to come back to myself and to connect with my body. Our body is the vessel that carries us through life. The time spent in the gym, moving your body, is not only a great stress relief, but it also enables you to enjoy the world of play and adventures that exists in nature and the world. Moving the body can be a direct path from the constant barrage of thoughts and into the world of experience and feelings.



  • Personal training (45 Minutes – 1 Hour) ($80)

These one-on-one training sessions are the most tailored to your specifics needs and goals. We will together assess what you are looking to achieve and I will create a training program to meet your individual goals through motivation and education in a hands on approach to physical fitness.

  • Small group training (45 Minutes – 1 Hour) (Contact Me for Pricing)

Have a friend, family member or partner that you are interested in training with? I will work with groups of 2 or 3 or even more if you’d prefer. Small group training is a great way to create some healthy competition and camaraderie to help push each other to the next level of fitness. It’s also a great way to cut costs and create some fun connection throughout your workouts!

  • Mind-body sessions (90 Minute Sessions) ($160)

I believe in the connection between mind and body and for some, greater growth and change can be achieved when we explore both these realms together. These sessions focus on getting into your body through movement (similar to personal training sessions) as well as combining psychotherapy and exploring the intersection of mind/body/emotion in regards to wellness.  Many people who struggle with food and/or body image issues benefit greatly from this service.
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