Understanding how you communicate… why is it so important?

Understanding how you communicate is an essential component of healthy relationships, a healthy sense of self… and happiness! We are social creatures, we need social interaction, and connection with others is key both to survival and happiness. I could talk (or write) about communication for days. Verbal, written, non-verbal…there are many ways in which we express ourselves. Today I will...[ read more ]

Life lessons from the past 30 years!

I wrote this blog on Dec 18th, 2014. I wasn't planning on sharing it with anyone. It was just a reflection for myself the day before my 30th birthday. Well I changed my mind, and I'm feeling a little vulnerable about it!! But here's to sharing more!! My last day as a 20 something…. What a decade! A roller coaster...[ read more ]

Willow tree and the oak tree

I was reminded this past weekend of the fable of the willow tree and the oak tree. If you are unfamiliar with this fable, it goes something like this… In the same field stand both a mighty oak tree and a willow tree. The willow tree envies the power and strength that the oak tree possesses. One day a storm,...[ read more ]

Getting unhooked from our thoughts…

Thoughts come into our mind and go out of our mind all day long. Usually we don’t pay much attention to them. They act like just like clouds in the sky. They come and they go, stay in our sight for a minute and leave or change in the next minute. There are certain thoughts that get stuck, or as...[ read more ]

A loved one is struggling with an eating disorder…How do I help?

One of the most difficult experiences in life is watching someone you love struggle. Perhaps you feel confused or helpless. You want to help, but you don’t know how or what your loved one may need. If you’ve struggled yourself or if you know someone who has or is struggling with an eating disorder, you know how pervasive eating disorders...[ read more ]

Strength in pain

No one wants to be in pain, yet the reality is we can’t escape it. Pain is a natural and normal aspect of our experience of life. If we really want to live, we must accept that pain has its place in our lives as well. How we view pain can have a profound effect on our experiences and on...[ read more ]

Why can’t I stop bingeing?- CORtherapy

Can’t stop bingeing? Chances are you are turning to food as an outer solution for an inner problem. Probably doesn’t make sense does it? Let me explain…. Food is most certainly a solution for many things. It can curb hunger, give energy, provide nourishment and also pleasure. What food cannot do though is fix inner problems. It cannot get ride...[ read more ]

Old shoes

I’m sure you are familiar with the saying, “the only constant in life is change”. Well for lots of people, change isn’t something you like, want or accept. Perhaps you like when things feel predictable and known…maybe that feels safer and more comfortable to you? If the answer is yes, then I’d say you are very similar to a lot...[ read more ]

What is a real woman?

"A person’s “realness” does not necessarily increase with his or her number of curves, and similarly their power and worth do not increase with degree of thinness. Realness comes from being comfortable in one’s own skin and creating a life worth living." Check out, "What is a real woman"?. A great read about how our culture defines "real women" mostly...[ read more ]

Eating Disorders and Infertility /Pregnancy complications

Women with eating disorders often have a hard time conceiving. In fact, fertility problems are a common side effect of an eating disorder and it is estimated that as many as 1 in 5 patients at an infertility clinic are there as a result of an eating disorder. Anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder all have numerous health problems associated...[ read more ]
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