“No matter how you climb, we all stand on the same peak”


“It doesn’t matter how you get there. Everyone’s journey up the mountain- or through life- is different. What matters most is that you challenge yourself. That you get out of your comfort zone. That you don’t give up when things get rough. And you respect other people’s ways of doing things”

Avery Stonich

Check out this article posted above. I loved this article. I get it. I totally get this. Avery’s story makes me laugh and I completely resonate with her comment, “last weekend I decided to punish myself” in reference to her setting out for a brutal route up a Colorado 14er. I too have this strong love for the outdoors and an uncanny desire to constantly push myself towards my own physical limits- and then some! Sometimes I stop and wonder why I do the things I do. I certainly don’t have some secret masochistic desire to inflict pain on myself.

So I ask again..why do I do the things I do? What’s this all about? Because to be quite honest, it’s not always fun and easy. I guess this desire actually has more to do with my way of viewing life. Whether this journey is a Colorado 14er, or a century bike ride, or getting back on my mountain bike after I crash, these little journeys actually represent my life.

There is something profound, something powerful, something so fulfilling to me about accomplishing something, (in fact, even just taking the first step) that requires pushing myself outside my comfort zone. And no, it’s not always fun. But perhaps fun is overrated. Perhaps for me, fulfillment is what I actually strive for. And to be fulfilled means I must take risks and I must not settle with things just being “okay”.

And with that…with that comes courage. I find myself always coming back to this one word.  It’s a simple word, but not at all at the same time. When put it into action, courage helps me find fulfillment, whether that’s in my athletic pursuits, my career, my connections with other people or my outlook on life. So I’ll continue to push myself, I’ll continue to find people to support me and I’ll continue to surround myself with people who do the same. And with each time I take a risk, no matter what the outcome may be, I’ll build a little more confidence in myself and increase my comfort level with the uncomfortable just a bit more!

It doesn’t quite matter how you get there, but what matters is that you try. What is one thing you are wanting to go after and perhaps could use a little more courage to help along your journey?

COURAGE IS… taking risks and getting outside my comfort zone.



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